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Heroes List

Discussion in 'Guides' started by smokey, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. smokey

    smokey New Member

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    Unique Skill: Monsoon
    Heals allies (4ticks) + Removes Debuff + Regenerate Buff for 2 turns (expellable)

    Combo Skill: Eye of Storm
    A bouncing hurricane that deals magic damage. Dissipates after 3 bounces or 5 enemies hit, whatever comes first. Does not trigger ally combo skills.

    Finish Skill: Zephyr
    Target - nearest ally.
    - Shield that reduces incoming Physical Damage (not expellable, removes Bleeding status)
    - Buff that increases Magical Damage output for 2 turns (expellable)
    She is not really bouncy for a bounce-type hero. And that works really well with this particular skill. You can easily place her near an ally who needs the shield and buff (eg allies near bosses)

    Passive Skill: Tailwind
    Zephyr also heals HP (1tick) and grants a buff that increases Physical Damage for 3 turns (expellable).

    Her defensive capability is on par with Doomroach and Paladin, what sets her apart are her healing ang buffing capabilities. Shes a tanker, a healer/cleanser and a buffer rolled into 1 hero.

    Lady Ray

    Slow bounce character the deals heavy magic damage and can potentially be devastating if the enemy team is out of position.

    Unique: Divine Light - Shoots a straight beam that deals significant damage to everything in the straight line. Can hit weakspots even if not in front of boss and deals full damage if you barely clip an enemies hitbox. VERY POWERFUL. Doesnt trigger friendly combos

    Combo: Orb Glitz - Spawns 3 orbs (4 with passive) that bounce around randomly until they hit something dealing above average damage.

    Finish: Singularity - Casts a single orb straight after her shot. Will target tank if she's taunted. Does incredibly good damage especially if it hits a weak spot.

    Conclusion: This hero has incredible sweeping capabilities and can potentially 1 shot waves if they are lined up. A very good all around hero.. well worth purchasing the starter pack to get her as she will carry you to victory unexpectedly sometimes and does consistent damage otherwise.


    Speedy-bounce hero who drops totems to create hazards on the field of battle while increasing damage output. I recommend putting him in the #1 slot to get his totems on the field. Overall, he is a strong source of damage with nice utility.

    Unique: Earthshatter - Long range beam-like attacks that lasts for two turns. The second (and slightly weaker) attack happens at the end of the next enemy turn. Decent damage. Does not trigger ally combo skills

    Combo: Sonic Shock - 360 AoE slam. Nothing special, low damage.

    Finish: Ancient Souls - Terri-bull throws a totem at the enemy he is facing (or closest). The totem's deals AoE damage to enemies within medium range, while buffing Terri-bull damage by a certain %, depending on how many enemies are hit (he does not have to be in the totem's range to receive buff). This totem and buffs lasts for 5 turns.

    Passive: Natural Law - Totems deals additional damage and expel enemy buffs.


    Slow - bounce mage that is capable of dealing much AOE - damage. Not the best unit, but still very usable and easy to get (arena coins).

    Unique: Dashes forward once (can proc combo skills of other units) and starts a series of dashes (7 times) casting straight forward, penetrating orbs at random enemies. A very good AOE - attack with good amounts of damage and the possibility to proc combo skills (only the first dash).

    Combo: Tosses two orbs at the nearest enemy and bounces off. Strong similarity to Lady Ray´s combo. Wintry´s bread and butter skill. It´s able to deal massive amounts of damage. Proc it as often as you can.

    Finish: Throws a kiss to the nearest enemy. Has a chance to charm for two turns. Even though charm is possibly the best CC in Hyper Heroes, this skill is underwhelming. The highest possible chance is 35% which isn´t reliable enough imo. Low damage.

    Passive: Adds three orbs to the combo skill. Increases the already good combo skills damage even more.

    I recommend using her as the 4th slot in your team. She isn´t good on her own (unreliable, low damge finisher), but her combo skill is really useful in pve + pvp. Her unique skill is still a good aoe that´s why you should go for the 4th slot. It increases the chance to have her at 100% rage at her turn.


    Slow - bounce mage that is able to cast her own minions (plants) on the battlefield. Not strong on her own, but her plants can dish out some good damage.

    Unique: Casts a thornbush with great AOE. But its damage is really low.

    Combo: Dealing AOE damage at the nearest enemy. Moderate damage.

    Finish skill: Casts roots which reach for the nearest enemy. Can bounce off. Casts a killer plant in front of Wisteria. Her killer plant will deal a good amount of damage every turn at a random enemy.

    Passive: Increases damage of the finish skill. Plants a second killer plant at the end of the finish skills path. The second killer plant acts exactly like the first one.

    I recommend using her as the second or even the first slot. Her killer plants deal damage every turn, which stacks up very nicely. Her unique skill is useless, as you can´t spawn killer plants if Wisteria uses it. Don´t use it. Her combo skill is okay. Nothing too important, but if you can proc it, go for it. Like Wintry: Not the best unit, but easy to get (materia exchange).

    Edit: Killer Plants can bodyblock certain skills (e.g. Slashy Bushi, Duc Rock...)

    Grove Guard

    Hes a Stick hero, and the best taunter i have.

    Unique Skill-Leaves Swirl: Aoe that hurts all enemies within range for a decent amount, and then buffs allies with Magic Up.

    Combo Skill-Arcane Pulse: An aoe that hits the nearest enemy, and those close to them. Minor damage, but once all skills are unlocked it also heals allies.

    Finish Skill-Seed Pelt: Best skill. When he finishes, he tosses a seed with a decent aoe area, that taunts enemies you may not have hit initially. Ok damage, but the far away taunt is the money maker.

    Passive-Esoteric Art: Increases Self Intellect, and allows arcane pulse to heal.

    Pretty good tank, i usually have him in the first slot, especially in PVP.

    Lithe Leaf

    A straight-forward above average damage bounce archer that is simply a damage source in PvE but has a few niche abilities for PvP

    Unique: Focus - Shoots lots of little green arrows right to left in a fan pattern that hits for significant damage. Will do better single target damage the closer to target as you decrease the spread size. Doesn't activate friendly combos

    Combo: Power Shot - A high damage single shot that pierces in a straight line. Not to be taken for granted as this does incredible damage if planned for.

    Finish: Binding Arrow - Auto targets the nearest enemy dealing average damage, binding them as well as anyone in a line behind them. It would seem a lot of PvE mobs are still allowed to move even though bound however in PvP gametypes (FoG, arena, HoR) it locks enemies in place and only allows them to cast their finish ability. It should also be noted that any ultimate that requires a move first will be negated.

    Conclusion: Overall a solid choice for pure damage if you don't have anything else but thats about all she brings. In PvP scenarios her bind ability can be incredibly broken vs certain heroes. I could definitely see a team being built around her for arena etc to execute some sort of lockdown strategy.

    Tinder Babe

    A slow - bounce rogue - character who is capable of dealing extreme high AOE - damage. Excellent in PVE and PVP.

    Death Rocket: Fires a rocket at a designated direction, dealing AOE - damage. Enemies close to the center of the blast radius will receive additional damage. Very high damage, especially in PVP. Can win battles on its own if used right.

    Barrage: Sprays bullets at random enemies (piercing effect), followed by a missile (no piercing). Not much to say about. Just really high damage.

    Zap: Fires a projectile in a line dealing magic damage and slowing enemies for 75% for 5 turns. Piercing effect.

    Booby Trap: After using Zap (not barrage, there is a typo in its actual description) Tinder Babe tosses out 4 grenades which explode by enemy contact. High damage, not that useful in pve when the enemy is stationary. As said before, it´s actually been used after Zap, not Barrage.

    Tinder Babe is a pretty straight forward character. She deals damage. Lots of it. A bit more useful in PVP than PVE, because of her grenades, which needs enemy contact to deal damage and her slow being rarely useful in PVE. Also her unique skill potentially deals much more damage in PVP than in PVE, because of the AOE - effect being useless against PVE - bosses (unless you can also kill the minions while attacking the weak spot). A character you definitely want to have.
  2. Andrei

    Andrei New Member

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    Lady Ray in my opinion is not soo helpful
  3. Nelson Chesterfield

    Nelson Chesterfield Moderator Staff Member

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    Lady ray is useful becuz her unique skill can deal massive dmg, but only if enemy line up, so is good at pvp, pve not really useful
  4. Lokmyr

    Lokmyr New Member

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    Okay, this gonna be a stupid question. I know PVP is Player vs Player. But what is PVE and AOE?
  5. Kizzor

    Kizzor New Member

    Likes Received:
    PVE is Player vs Enemy(monsters and bosses)
    AOE is Area of Effect, skills which covers or impacts a larger area than a single target. Like flame dame's unique skill.
  6. Samboy

    Samboy New Member

    Likes Received:
    Arc archer deals heavy damage even on single target... and its easy to upgrade her i highly recommend it to beginner as soon as they get arc archer upgrade her to purple so her combo skill will be pain
  7. Vinícius M. Winckler

    Vinícius M. Winckler New Member

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    Canoas - RS - Brazil
    Exists any database or similar ? Ty
  8. rjizzle410

    rjizzle410 Member

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    Wheres all the SS heroes info please post

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